EXCAVATION AND CONCRETE PLACEMENT: Our site civil crews are experienced in a variety of construction methods. From large mat type foundations to drilled piers, standard guyed tower anchors and shelter foundations. We also build access roads and site compounds.
Locust Grove, GA
TELECOMMUNICATIONS STRUCTURES: Our tower erection crews are highly experienced and trained in the latest safety and quality control standards. Our crews are constantly undergoing the latest industry training and learning about the latest technologies. In addition, our antenna and line crews are certified by most major transmission line manufactures for quality installations. We staff full-time testers and keep them on-site to ensure a high-quality final product for our customers.

MICROWAVE SYSTEMS: Texoma Contracting has completed installations for companies such as, AT&T Long Lines, Southwestern Bell, Mountain Bell, New England Telephone, Kansas DOT, Harris Corporation, Verizon, Cingular and Pioneer Telephone. The frequencies ranged from 2 GHz to 38 GHz. The scopes of work included working with equipment manufacturers such as Andrew Corporation, Gabriel Electronics, Radio Frequency Systems, Lynx and Harris Communications. Equipment such as Horn type antennas, Solid and Grid Parabolic antennas, rigid and elliptical waveguide were installed.

OBSTRUCTION LIGHTING: Texoma Contracting has in-house technicians capable of troubleshooting, repairing and installing most tower lighting systems. We
stock a variety of new and used parts and equipment from various manufacturers. If you have an old system with hard to find parts we likely have an avenue to assist you.

INSPECTION SERVICES: Customer Satisfaction is our Goal! Texoma Contracting, Inc provides an inspection program tailored to your specific needs. We offer a variety of levels of service ranging from a simple visual inspection to a full service inspection that would include checking a tower’s verticality, guy wire tension, bolt tightness and a visual check for deterioration or deformity of tower members. Our inspection teams also have the experience to repair any or all deficiencies found during the inspection.